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Drug Crimes

Have you been arrested for being under the influence of, possessing, or selling drugs or a controlled substance?  Whether the alleged drug is marijuana, a prescription drug like Vicodin, or something more serious, you have rights and options.

Do you believe that law enforcement committed an illegal search and seizure of your person, vehicle, or home?  Did officers “find” drugs on your person or property that you KNOW did not exist?  Did the officers use inappropriate methods during questioning?  Were you read your Miranda rights?  If it was alleged that you had a large amount of drugs in your possession, did you have any intent to sell or intent to distribute?

An effective drug defense attorney can determine whether the search or seizure of your person or property was legal, or whether law enforcement acted properly and in accordance with the law.  If not, your charges may be greatly reduced or dismissed altogether.

In addition, drug diversion programs are available to many individuals.  Committing to one of these programs will allow you to avoid serving a county jail or state prison sentence.  Diversion programs exist in all of the California Counties.  Different programs have different requirements, fees, and schedules, so by getting information on different programs, you can choose the one that is best-suited for your needs.

This office also provides advice and assistance on how to clear your record from a drug conviction.  Few things may turn off a potential employer, loan officer, or admissions board more than a drug conviction, so it is in your interest to clear any drug convictions off your record as soon as possible.

If you have been arrested on drug charges and need information on the legal defenses and options available in your particular case, call us.